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Our Seafood

Troll Caught

Troll-caught fish are considered Premium quality for many reasons. We treat each fish with care, individually. No nets to bruise and mark the fish.  Just hooks in the water, trolling at slow speeds, targeting specific species of fish. After the initial fight upon biting the hook, the hooked fish swim along with the boat until they are stunned and gently landed. One fish at a time. Trollers target fish that are ocean bright, actively feeding, and at the peak of their physical fitness and omega-3 oil content.  

Frozen at Sea

We stun the fish while landing, minimizing bruising and scale loss. They are gill bled, then pressure bled through the veins to thoroughly remove all blood from the flesh, and cleaned meticulously. Within an hour of being caught, our fish are blasted with ridiculously cold air (-40 degrees F), suspending metabolic activity. This means when the fish is thawed months later, the freshness will be like that of a fish just caught.  Truly an amazing product! 

Peter & King Salmon
Salmon portions for sale.
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