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Louie began his fishing career as a 12 year old boy, fishing for halibut by hand out of a 14 ft skiff near Ketchikan, AK.  Having moved to Alaska a few years earlier, he fell in love with the fishing lifestyle and began hanging out with the old time fishermen at the boat harbor.  He listened to their stories, and asked a lot of questions.  Years later he married me, Karina (I grew up trolling with my Dad), and we became a team.  Each of our four children joined the "crew" as babies.  


We live on our boat about 6 months of the year, spending our winters at home in Sitka.  Our children love the fishing lifestyle.  On the boat we are always on the move, and there is always something to see out the window! We often see humpback whales feeding and breaching, killer whales on the prowl, brown bears lumbering down the beach.   Sea Lions, seals, Sitka black-tailed deer, bald eagles, and the list goes on!  Trips to the beach, though rare when the fish are biting, are greatly anticipated.  


We are often asked, by locals and when traveling, "Where can I get good seafood?"  That's a good question.  One we decided to answer, by selling our fish direct to consumers.  Fish is so perishable!  It shouldn't smell "fishy"!  That's why we love freezing our fish as soon as we've caught and meticulously cleaned them. Before rigor sets in!  A fish Frozen at Sea is so much better than any "fresh" fish!  Also, blast freezing at -40F makes seafood safe to eat sashimi.   All of the fish we catch are wonderful frozen at sea, and thaw beautifully, like just-caught fish!  


Louie's family
Youngest crew
We love catching shrimp
We love fishing
Cleaning salmon
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