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Welcome to
Louie's Wild Alaskan Seafood

Now OPEN in Boise!  
Open 12-4pm Mon-Sat through May 4!

F/V New Venture is the family boat.

There is nothing quite like our Southeast Alaska seafood.

Meet Louie &
the Family

Holst Family

Raised & anchored in SE Alaska

Louie began his fishing career as a 12 year old boy in Ketchikan, AK. Now, he and his entire family are involved and actively fishing our SE Alaska waters.

Packaged Salmon
Louie and some of the crew.

Everything We Offer

Wild Alaskan

Frozen at Sea

Detailed Care

We have several wild Alaskan seafood options available at different times during the year.  Salmon, Lingcod, Rockfish, Sablefish, Halibut, and more are available at our seasonal location in Boise, ID. CLICK HERE to find out when and where to buy our seafood.

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